Braziers Park is a community, a residential college and an architectural treasure hidden deep in the south Oxfordshire countryside in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It was founded in 1950 as an educational trust, and is a continuing experiment in the advantages and problems of living in a group. Community members share responsibility for running the mansion house (a Grade II* listed building), 55 acres of land, organic kitchen garden and livestock,  facilitating courses and organising events assisted by visiting volunteers from around the world.


Braziers Park exploring Conscious Co-Existence…

As one of the oldest secular communities in the UK,  we endeavour to create a space which enables people to integrate both learning and teaching, and to find and develop their full potential in all aspects – intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. We strive to understand more fully our relationships with each other and with nature and society so that we can co-operate in taking constructive action in the world today.


Braziers Park as  Venue

In addition to running its own courses, Braziers provides an attractive and unusual venue for externally run day events, workshops, retreats and celebrations, with a wide range of facilities for hire including room spaces, accommodation, meals, Bed and Breakfast, and a large eco-friendly campsite. Visitors are welcome to play our beautifully tuned Grand Piano in the hall.

Norman Glaister, Founder

Become an Associate

If you are interested in becoming an Associate, please contact our office. You will then receive regular updates, information and invitations to events and courses.













Braziers Park is a Specially Authorised Society with charitable status – donations are always welcome and help us to keep this very special place running.