Rose hips  are the fruit of the Dog Rose (Rosa Canina), commonly found in hedgerows. They are a vitamin booster, full of vitamin C, also vitamins A, K and B vitamines (thiamin, niacin + riboflavin). Gather when red, ripe and soft.


Rose hips are ideal to treat colds and sore throats, or to strengthen your immune system to prevent colds in the first place.


When using them in any recipe take care to strain well as the tiny hairs around the seeds can be an irritant.


How to make Rose Hip Syrup:

250 g fresh rose hips
500 ml water
125 g sugar


1. Crush the rose hips slightly and put them in a pan with the water. Simmer uncovered for 20 mins.


2. Strain and add sugar. Stir until dissolved and bring to the boil, then simmer for another 10 mins.


3. Leave to cool and filter into small sterilised bottles.


To use dilute 1 part to 5 parts water. Unopened keeps for up to 1 year. Once opened keeps for 1 week in fridge.


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