Deep Listening

Deep Listening, as developed by the late composer and activist Pauline Oliveros, explores the
difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary, selective nature of listening.
Join us for an afternoon exploring this practice. Through Deep Listening exercises, bodywork,
and ’Sonic Meditations’ – text scores written by Oliveros in 1971 – we will connect, move and sound
with our surroundings, expanding our awareness of the sonic environment, externally and internally, in
a collaborative, experimental and playful way, for personal and community growth.
The workshop is open to all with no previous experience needed, just a willingness to participate.
It will be facilitated by Blanc Sceol – sound artists and certified Deep Listening practitioners Stephen
Shiell & Hannah White.

“Deep coupled with Listening or Deep Listening for me is learning to expand the perception of sounds
to include the whole space/time continuum of sound – encountering the vastness and complexities
as much as possible. Simultaneously one ought to be able to target a sound or sequence of sounds
as a focus within the space/time continuum, and to perceive the detail or trajectory of the sound or
sequence of sounds. Such focus should always return to, or be within the whole of the space/time

“Deep Listening is a form of meditation. Attention is directed to the interplay of sounds and silences or
the sound/silence continuum. Sound is not limited to musical or speaking sounds, but is inclusive of
all perceptible vibrations (sonic formations). The relationship of all perceptible sounds is important.”

“The practice is intended to expand consciousness to the whole space/time continuum of
sounds/silences. Deep Listening is a process that extends the listener to this continuum as well as to
focus instantaneously on a single sound (engagement to targeted detail) or sequences of
Pauline Oliveros in ‘Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice’

£20 per person, or £15 concessions.

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Jul 28 2019


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm



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